daily reminders

pay attention to:
{without judgement}

what is bringing you joy
and stealing it

what is making you

sweet things that people
do for you
{friends and strangers, big and small}

your energy levels
{how much you are giving out/taking in}
sleeping and eating patterns

when they are high
and low


what gives you anxiety
and what gets you excited

(and remember that anticipation and fear feel the same,
leave room for both)

how much you are creating
and if you are not,
the things that are stopping you
(list them}

things that DRAIN you
notice when you feel annoyed
edgy or sad

things that FILL YOU UP
light you up
get you started

our lives are full of clues
and its easy to get caught in the web
of chaos

i often wait until the tank is
on empty
before i stop and ask myself
these questions

and can map the exact
moment of when i should have
said yes or no.

im only human
and yes,

i need to learn
again and again.

{and most important be grateful! grateful! grateful!}

7 comments on “daily reminders

  1. i love reading your words…they ring true on so many levels. Human, animal and beast.

  2. You have this amazing way of writing exactly how I feel and what I need every single time! You have such a deep understanding of people and emotions and I’m pretty sure you don’t even know how incredibly beautiful that makes you!

  3. Dearest M.,
    Did you re-read this? Lately? Today? Perhaps you should, dear landlocked mermaid. You need to find your sparkle-heart, take it off the shelf, dust it, and put it in the place of the dust-to-ashes-heart that sneaks up and tries to reside behind your rib cage, instead. It’s the heart that’s been wounded, jaded, abused, used and stomped on, trampled on and beat up, the one that doesn’t get over things, holds things in, resents and laments, and it’s sneaky and devious and suspicious and unkind, especially, MOST especially, to it’s owner, YOU. It demands all your attention, steals your smile, and before you know it, you assume it’s the way it’s always been, and how you’ve always felt, and how you’ll alway be, and the sparkle-heart sits, tarnishing, on a shelf, beat-beating away, waiting for you to remember it and own it again. So, re-read your magic, Miss Thang, and take that fucktarded, love-thief asshat heart out from behind it’s boney cage, and slide that superduperfragilistic make your world pop and fizz and shine heart back in it’s place where it belongs. Loving you hard and from afar, but forever and ever and ever having your back. While you’re at it, let’s see those cowboy boots and tutus out of the closet, brighter the better, and you in them, spinning, spinning, spinning joy out of nothing at all. Amor!! Te amo.

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