ok so adele is too big
angelina too small
(and poses too much)

and why it is even a question
if chris brown is a douchebag or not
baffles me.

i watch the little girls i teach
and they are so strong, so determined,
passionate courageous and damn right unstopable.

my biggest concern is that they
do not kill each other on their
way to taking over the world…

i love that fire in girls
(please never lose that)
and i really hope that they don’t spend
their whole twenties and thirties and forties
running around trying to please everyone or
holding in the opinions that matter because
they do not want to ruffle any feathers.

to imagine any of those girls
hanging out with boys who don’t value their magic
or silently bashing themselves during bikini season
hurts my heart.

yet i still do this
as do many of my smart, beautiful girlfriends
and we console each other
make each other love potions
plan silly brunches and spend nights making art on the floor
with whiskey and tea…

we all remind each other
yes you are enough
and no, you do not have to be THAT good
and yes is it right and good to stick up for what
you believe without feeling guilty or ashamed.

i wonder what this next generation
looks like
and i am hoping that
their spirits keep getting stronger

while keeping
vulnerability and

i am hoping for great change
more unruliness
less self destruction
more mistakes/taking risks
less staying safe
more wildness
less staying in bad relationships
and jobs out of fear

i wish this for you
for me
and for everyone else.

lets stop beating up
on each other
and ourselves

lets say fuck the
pretty girls club
and focus on the things that are real and true.

7 comments on “girls.

  1. I have two daughters and you pretty much summed up exactly how I feel and everything I wish for them! I can’t wait to read this to them! Thanks for always being so honest and amazing, you always know what to say when I need it the most! xoxo

  2. You are reading my mind again … spring break next week … hoping to have a free moment to grab a drink!

  3. Amen, beautiful sister. I was just thinking of all of these things last night. I really want to be in charge of my own definitions. I really want my daughter to be in charge of hers. I don’t believe we ever are, though, until we just god damn decide we are. I am a bad-ass, beautiful, heart-filled artist.

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