23 ridiculous/and random things

(because this is how my brain works)

1.) what i inherited from my dad: an irish red hot temper and warm heart. quick to over-react and just as quick to forgive and move on.

2.) i eat the same food over and over until im so sick of it i can’t even stand it. this week its brown rice and beans with green chile. i’m on day 6.

3.) someone mentioned putt putt on facebook today and i had a flashback of being kicked out of one when i was 7 because i drove a gulfball into the magic castle not knowing my own strength. i was SO ASHAMED and wish some grown-up would have thought it was funny and told me it was okay. my cousins thought it was hilarious but still. fuck putt putt.

4.) i cuss a lot.

5.) i have no favorite color but turquoise and tangerine are right up there.

6.) i have commitment issues.

7.) i think most kids are way cooler than adults.

8.) i feel like elle woods in the real world work force or whatever you want to label it. i would totally scent my resume if i could figure out how to not stain the paper.

9.) dating is just as complicated as it was in the 4th grade.

10.) i don’t get the saying “she just wanted her cake and to eat it too.” if it was my cake, why in gods name would i not want to eat it?

11.) one of my favorite things about abq: people are so open and friendly! you can’t ask for more than that.

12.) inappropriate is my second favorite word.

13.) i have found that your joy will sometimes trigger others bitterness.

14.) regular dance parties keep me sane.

15.) i sort of miss landlines and long twirly phone cords.

16.) i love that people ask to come over to my cottage to do art.

17.) i think i am an over-cuddler.

18.) i miss the sea but love the mountains and purple sky here.

19.) if i was queen for the day i would insist no one get out of their pajamas and come over for jameson and chocolate chip pancakes.

20.) reality often bores me.

21.) i sometimes wonder what it would be like to be normal.

22.) if i was independently wealthy i would get on a plane and visit all my favorites.

23.) magic and kindness are the most important things. but i am learning, so is risk…

your turn!



10 comments on “23 ridiculous/and random things

  1. You’re BACK!!! It’s so good to read you againg!!And please don’t you ever be Normal… there’s nothing fun about it!!
    big kiss monica

  2. So….you “scent” cotton balls or cloth, put them in an airtight box with your resume on top for about a week – walla, no stains. (Uh don’t do this to a love letter you slip to your beau before he boards a plane – really can piss off the passenger next to him. Bitch.)

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