its like this:

i want to tell you it
will all work out
and be ok in the end.

(it really will)

but the truth is,
it is probably not going to look anything
like you think it is going to look like.

he is not going to say the right thing.
they may not fight for you
in the way you think you deserve.

life is unfair
and messy.

fucked up even.

but there is a light.

and it is here,
in the unexpected:

the complete ridiculousness/joy of a child
explaining things.

the way his voice
slips down like a good red
oaky and smooth.

the man with no teeth opening
the door for you at the 7-11 at 2am.

no matter how much good you do
the world owes you no favors.

the magic,
yes i over-use that word
but only because it is the most
important thing….

the magic is what matters.
give it out freely.
give it to people who are sad and cranky.
give it to children in the form of sidewalk chalk
and macaroni necklaces.

dont be a cynic.

i know it makes no sense.
i offer no wisdom.

but the love….

i feel the love.
its all around,

and its all we have.

risk being optimsitic.
risk being you.

i dare you.

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  1. i love this so much! last year i wound up concluding that no matter what, i’d just love anyway. so now when faced with anything, i just say it to myself. it has gradually changed the way i react to pretty much everything :)

  2. I just stumbled across your sight today… thank you for sharing your journey and your voice. I found your words beautiful and stirring. We may not always understand it, but love is always there if one just looks for it.

  3. OOh… so glad you are writing again… and this is hitting so close to home right now.

    I am living a hellish week .. but I will call soon.

  4. I am so glad to see you back in this space… YOU are magical – I’ve missed your soul-full words… Beautiful.

    Lots and lots of love to you…

  5. I love reading your words. It is wonderful to see you back here. I hope your new home is treating you well. xoxo

  6. Hey beautiful girl….how I have missed your pearls of wisdom…your guiding, soul~full light has been missed!

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